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Our world today needs a new type of leaders who know how to create change by unleashing the potential of others. Leaders who make people around them grow. Leaders who do not necessarily have a management title. Such characters are called Servant-Leaders.

A new type of leader

The Servant-Leader shares power, focuses on identifying and meeting the needs of others, thus helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. Servant-Leaders have the capability to connect with others and to create a culture of mutual trust where people feel empowered to take more responsibility and initiative.

Why Servant-Leadership?

Organisations that apply Servant-Leadership score better: productivity increases, as well as client and employee satisfaction, while absences decrease. A culture emerges where people feel noticed, heard and understood, where they willingly serve others in the organisation, where talents flourish. A sustainable and serving system is built that is supported by its stakeholders. That is why Servant-Leadership offers a unique opportunity to empower EU professionals in facing the challenges of the 21st century and helping the EU to serve its citizens better.